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Friday, March 25, 2005

The Elvis of Stupid Has Arrived

From Time Magazine:

Tom DeLay: "It Is More Than Just Terri Schiavo"
Transcript: The embattled House Majority Leader finds parallels between Terri Schiavo's case and his own

I.... words fail me.

(Via Wanda at words on a page)

Update 11:21 am - Roy Edroso found some words: "The secret to DeLay's success (besides his affiliation with the eerie "Family" Jesus cult, I mean) is his shamelessness. Really, one would like applaud. That's how *I* would play it if I were toe-tally ee-vil! The references to LBJ and George Soros are precious. How did he leave out Michael Moore?"

Update 11:25 am - Steve Gilliard lets us know that Ralph Nader has now entered the Terri fray, calling on food and water to be fed to her by mouth. Because, you know, nobody thought of trying that before, they just carved a hole in her throat and started feeding her by a tube because -- well, just for kicks.

Moron. She can't swallow. Trying to feed her by mouth, despite all the pay-as-you-go quackery to the contrary, would kill her. Nader showed during the last election that there was no bottom to the shamelessness he would display in his grasp for the limelight, even taking wingnut dollars to finance his pathetic loser of a campaign in 2004.

This freak show only seems to accelerate.

Update 12:25 pm - Wolcott: "George Bush thought he was going to spend his political capital on privatizing Social Security. History may show that it was spent and squandered on one plane flight from Crawford, Texas to Washington, DC to sign a bill that had no business being signed, or passed, or even proposed. If the latest poll numbers are indicative, he may have lame-ducked himself with one foolish, headstrong sweep of the presidential pen."

Update 7:55 pm - Fallenmonk asks the question -- who's paying for all this? Turns out the fight to keep Terri alive is being financed by the same people who funded the witch hunt of the Clintons -- Scaife, Coors et. al. Lovely.