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Sunday, March 06, 2005

The Only Jacko Post You Will Ever See on This Blog

And it wasn't written by me. But I found it on my travels around the blogosphere at Adgita Diaries and I thought it set the stage well for the travesty that's about to completely absorb the American imagination:

We silently promised ourselves that we would limit ourselves to just one opinion piece about the Michael Jackson trial. But, since we have not even fulfilled the scant hope of New Year's resolutions and have given up bruise pressing and abstinence for Lent, we fall by the wayside with this latest hot flash from Santa Barbara California. Creatures are crawling out of the woodwork to rat on Mr. Michael and a backlash of 'poor Michael' is taking hold of the collective circus. Imagine sitting in the courtroom and watching Michael enter like Fay Ray, that 'satin drapped frame' wearing a golden brooch, embroidered blouse, brocade armband, perfumed, covered in heavy makeup and powdered like a courtier in the palace of Louis IV. Then hear defense attorney Thomas Mesereau Jr. breathlessly admit that Michael, oh no say it isn't true, occassionally read 'girly' magazines. Right!--probably to get hair and makeup tips--H-E-L-L-O. Mesereau's stupid and sexist attempt to normalize jackson's masculinity or lack of it is a bit like putting cajones on Bambi. Its not going to fly. The kindest thing one could say from this distance about Michael is that if he is not a kid at heart or a pedophile, he may at his age become a mother at heart. In any case the pathology is a real tragedy in the making. In America its always presume guilty until proven innocent, famous, or very rich. This trial promises to be a petri dish test for American family values or a bean pot of foul hot air.