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Monday, March 21, 2005

The Passion of the Joe

Joe Lieberman finally came down on the right side of something -- he voted against drilling in Alaska. But like a drunken frat boy swaying on the balcony, he just can't pass up the chance to piss on his own party. When Democrat Mary Landrieu, who has supported drilling for years, predictably voted in favor of it once more, Joe said "I was disappointed. I felt it personally."

I was disappointed too, Joe. But maybe you could have taken a swipe at Santorum? Or Specter? As Archpundit points out, "No, you had to complain about the Democrat who has been consistent. As wrong as she is, you couldn't help the Party out, but instead had to take pressure off Republicans who should have been held to account?"

Predictably, Joe takes a knock at the Democrat, without bothering to note that it is the underlying Republican policy that is the source of this irresponsibly evil mess.

Kudos to the GOP members who didn't vote for the giant corporate handout:

- Chafee, R.I.;
- Coleman, Minn.;
- Collins, Maine;
- DeWine, Ohio;
- McCain, Ariz.;
- Smith, Ore.;
- Snowe, Maine

BTW, Gordon Smith is one of my Senators here in Oregon, where environmentalism is a big concern. He also was the chief sponsor of the motion to strip all the proposed Medicaid cuts from next year's $2.6 trillion budget last week, which passed by a close 52-48. Smith has to run again in 2006, and it's curious to me that he and many other of the Republicans up for election in 2006 are trying to distance themselves from much of the draconically cruel GOP agenda. Doesn't sound like they feel all that secure with the notion of a "mandate," either.

(Photo by Pawel Sobocinski, courtesy of Stock.xchng)