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Saturday, March 05, 2005

Pennachio for Senate in Pennsylvania

'cos we're lookin' out for the future

You may be wondering why the new banner on the side for Chuck Pennacchio, who is running as a Democrat for the Pennsylvania Senate seat currently occupied by Rick Santorum. Why? Well, because Santorum has to go. He's a GOP hack of the worst odor. Lots of bloggers are promoting Casey, saying that even though he's anti-choice, he's the best bet to defeat Santorum. Sorry, but I'm just not that cynical yet. I agree that the Democrats might some times have to give red staters a little more latitude to express themselves on the issue of choice, but I guess I'm just not ready to cede anything to an anti-choice candidate like Casey yet. I know Atrios likes him, and Atrios is a big pro-choice proponent, but I'm a woman. And I just don't hate myself that much.

So good luck, Chuck. We've got our fingers crossed over here at the fire dog lake. And to all our readers -- go over and visit his blog, listen to what he has to say and tell me what you think.

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