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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Wingmen for the Wingnuts

I was sitting here watching a photo essay on CNN of Wolf Blitzer hangin' with the troops in Iraq with Bob Seger's Against the Wind playing over it. And I'm thinking to myself, that song has to be 3 1/2 minutes long, they just wasted all that Sunday morning airtime on that crap? Who watches this shit?

As if inspired by heaven, almost simultaneously I stopped by News Hounds ("We watch FOX so you don't have to") and the answer was provided. They get a surprisingly large number of emails intended for the love beasts of Fox News over there, and in one brilliant missive, a letter intended for Sean Hannity, the author accuses him of being way too liberal:
SUBJECT: You need to read this and ask for forgivness Mr Hannity!

Are you all afraid? you want to know Gods will? Well it comes through me not your namby pamby ignorant filled messages. How can you call yourself a real republican? I am offended that you think your right wing. God is finally getting this country back on track with Brother Bush leading the way, while you act as if you support him I sense underneath you think you could do better. I am here to tell you that George W. Bush is anointed and appointed
By God himself, he will lead us to Victory over the ignorant Muslims and anti-Christ like Insurgents. We asked our followers to Vote republican and they did, GOD HAS Spoken on the issue through me and I think its time America and Mr. Hannity heard what the Lord really thinks, are you afraid to hear Gods words? I can prove that I heal folks, can you? What have you done for anyone lately Mr. Hannity?
This is the GOP base, these are the people who are coalescing on the hospice lawn in Florida, where -- if you've been watching -- every unhinged wingnut in creation is gathering to bloviate and whip up the crowd. Rove must be sweating, the numbers are not good (a CNN poll poll released today say Bush's approval ratings are plummeting, and primarily among men, conservatives and churchgoers) and these ego-driven loons will NOT SHUT UP. I would be singing "oh happy day" were it not for the fact that this situation is extremely explosive and has the potential to end up in abject catastrophe.

(BTW, while GWB is hiding from the fundies relaxing at Crawford this weekend, the GOP are BOMBARDING the CNN airwaves with commercials trying to force the Democrats to put a plan on the floor to piratize Social Security. I caught a cold from my nephew and have thus resisted the urge to jump up and start pounding the TV and screaming, "they have a plan, it's called Social Security...” But I am amused that they are DESPERATELY trying to refocus the conversation onto "do-nothing Democrats" in the piratization debate, and that pig's not flying, either.)