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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Did Rove Okay This?

Oh what a news morning it is...Italy bends over, Berlusconi grabs ankles, and a joint US/Italian commission investigating the death of Nicola Calipari completely absolves the US troops who killed him of any responsibility. The Italians are furious, and one can only hope it tarnishes the fair Berlusconi...

Bush has decided to punch up his fake town-hall meetings by adding a geek to the freak show...Tom DeLay. It's not only true, it's truly mind-boggling -- Bush's numbers are in the tank, the only one polling worse right now is DeLay. But I've never quite bought this routine that the White House was sabotaging DeLay, I think he's their go-to guy when it comes to spreading the "activist judge" propaganda and making it easier to jam those evil judges through. Either that or he has some inside information about what JimmyJeff has been doing with that big bald head....

And on the truly abhorrent front, it looks like Microsoft has had Ralph Reed (of the Christian Coalition) working for them since 1998, and he's currently receiving a consulting fee of $20,000 per month to advise them how to pander to the fundies by stabbing gays in the back, according to AmericaBlog. Yes, the same man who was paid a consulting fee by Enron to shut up about the anti-choice issue during the 2000 election (back when Republicans were trying to hide their extreme right-wing in the closet, rather than pushing their defective children to the head of the class) so as not to jeopardize the election of Herr Bush. Well, JimmyJeff certainly doesn't have the corner on whoredom. I know I've been bitching about how Apple charged me $700 for a 50 cent repair this week, but they do have a superior product (I also have a tricked-out Windows machine for editing & gaming and the Mac is infinitely better engineered) and Steve Jobs is one of the only tech billionaires who openly supports the Democrats. So here's the unnecessary link of the Apple.

(Mike Tidmus' Microsoft Logo courtesy of Pam at Pam's House Blend who is one righteously pissed-off lesbian giving excellent coverage to the story -- I sure wouldn't want to be Steve Balmer right about now.)