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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The GOP Base is Feeling Betrayed

There seems to be some extreme discontent amongst the GOP faithful at the failure of the GOP leadership to push through their agenda, and feelings of abject humiliation that Harry Reid, even in the minority, has managed to run embarrassing rings around Herr Cat Killer. Thus there is a movement afoot, led by conservative blog The Captain's Quarters, to cut off the party from any future contributions until they see some results:
This fits a pattern of failed leadership in the Senate GOP, one which needs immediate addressing by the Republican caucus. My good friends in the GOP disagree with my form of protest and motivation to get some immediate improvement. They point out, correctly, that the Not. One. Dime. campaign will hurt all 55 Republicans in the Senate when 45 or more may well be in solid agreement with me -- and that's very true. However, 45 members is an overwhelming majority in the caucus, and if they truly felt like change was needed, that kind of number would make it happen. Obviously, they have not received the right kind of motivation yet to address the fact that Harry Reid has outfoxed them for the first 90 days of this session.
Powerpundit concurs:
I AM NOT IMPRESSED with Sen. Bill Frist as Republican leader, either.

Senate Republicans are placing their continued majority in a precarious position if they don't get moving on ending the ability of the Democrats to filibuster judges. I am tired of hearing excuses. I want to see some action.

And my personal favorite, from Residual Forces ("Some of us are fighting the information war here at home to keep them safe over there"):
ALERT, converging forces in my life are forcing my to rant! This is incohearant!...

I am calling this Project R.O.R.A.
Let all RNC and NRSC donation callers be fore warned!

triple_a will not give you spineless whimps one more stinking dime. I will no longer politely wait til the end opf your script to tell you no! I will interupt the speech, performing a verbal tyraid on you, the whole time pretending your Sen Frist, and I'm his father. I will recite numerous examples of the Senate GOP's complete uselessness, an threaten to support any opponent of any Republican that opposes appointment candidates....

If those punks that we elected in DC keep this up, I may have to quit my jobv to blog full time in order to make surte they ALL loose!
I believe you are absolutely entitled to your anger, fellas. You guys should be ashamed, humiliated and feel utterly betrayed by the GOP leadership. Like the fat, stupid playground bully who's been kept back for years until he can pass a NCLB test, you SHOULD be able to whip everyone on the playground, especially a cotton-thonged liberal four-eyes like Harry Reid, and he has kicked your bitch-ass all over DC. Hell, you're sitting on a pretty profound Senate majority. What's up with that? All the marbles, candy and pocket change should be yours. I say cut 'em off. I support your boycott wholeheartedly, and hereby give my pledge to contribute Not. One. Dime. to the Republican Party, either.

Spread the word.

(photo courtesy WTF Is It Now)