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Friday, April 01, 2005

More Fun Facts

And we all look like this, too -- Biafra & DKs

From Chuck at To Be Determined, we learn that the 44 Democrat senators represent about 3.5 million more people than the 55 Republican senators do.

Update 4:55 pm: Over at Marching Orders they follow-up with some comforting math that lets us know things in the House are not quite so dire:
On average, Democrats in the House represent 645,032 people each, whereas Republicans represent 646,308 people each, a difference of only 0.2%. (By comparison, the difference in the Senate, where Democrats represent far more citizens per seat, is a hundred times bigger at a whopping 20%)

It's kind of a relief that the population-proportional house of Congress does, in fact, end up being population-proportional by party.

This takes nothing away from what a bummer it is that Democratic constituencies are so relatively disfranchised in the Senate.
If you and are so inclined you can check the math in an Excel file here . (I myself can't count past 10 with my shoes on.)