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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Nuclear Options

After Sunday night's Fascist Fundie Free-For-All,
and many others are urging everyone to contact their Senator and let them know you oppose any concilliatory action with regard to the “nuclear option.” Sixty-six per cent of Americans agree that the minority should have the right to use the filibuster – or if they don't understand quite what the underlying principles are they at least get the concept that the Republicans are up to no good, and Fearless Leader is not to be trusted (his approval ratings are now officially in the shitter).

Per Skippy, and AP:
Officials said as part of an overall deal, Reid has indicated he is willing to allow the confirmation of Richard Griffin and David McKeague, both of whom Bush has twice nominated for the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals. At the same time, the Democratic leader wants the nomination of Henry Saad scuttled. Democrats succeeded in blocking all three men from coming to a vote in 2004 in a struggle that turned on issues of senatorial prerogatives as well as ideology.

You can read People for the American Way's letter of opposition to Griffin, McKeague and Saad that was written when they were up for nomination the first time around, and decide for yourself whether you think this is a reasonable compromise (I don't). You can contact Senator Reid by phone: 202-224-3542; fax: 202-224-7327; and toll free for nevadans: 1-866-sen-reid (736-7343) or you can email him here.

You can also find contact information for your own Senator here.

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