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Friday, April 22, 2005

Today in God

Officials from several major Protestant denominations have accused serial cat-killer Bill Frist of violating the principles of his own Presbyterian Church and are urging him to give up on participating in the upcoming so-called “Justice Sunday” where everyone who supports the use of filibuster by Democrats is accused of being a Godless Heathen. All I can say to that is It's About Effing Time they loudly reclaimed their faith and stopped sitting on their haunches while being used as a political tool by the likes of Frist, who for my money is hands-down the most evil person in the Senate. Yes, I know, many would give that honor to Cornholyn or Man-on-Dog, but I just can't get past the cat-torturing. It's nice that he has a DMS-IV Cluster A Personality Disorder to go with Ann Coulter's Cluster B, though. Kinda like pathalogical wingnut bookends.

In other religious news, new Pope Benny the Rat (or “Bingo” as some wonks are affectionately calling him) has condemned Spain for allowing marriage between gays. To his mind, I guess the impending threat from homo June brides is more urgent than war, starvation or the 7,000 people dying from AIDS in Africa every day. Sometimes there is no comment so effective as a visual aid, and Mark from Recidivist Journals steers us toward this image of Pope Palpatine by Darian at Sex, Lies and Videotape (didn't you think he looked familiar, too?):

For those of us who like our theology to sparkle with a bit more wit, Skippy ushers us over to The Brick Testament, where great scenes from the bible are enacted with Legos. I don't know who this guy is, but I sure like his “take this literally at your own peril” approach to the bible (from Leviticus 20:13):

Our favorite (and Skippy's): from Leviticus 18:23, wherein Ann Coulter offers herself to the GOP.

And on a completely unrelated note, happy Seder to everyone celebrating Passover this weekend.

(Thanks to Maru at WTF is it Now for the Frist link)