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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

What Would You Put on the President's iPod?

Via NTodd we learn what is on the President's iPod, which evidently came as a gift recently from Jenna and not-Jenna in a sad and desperate bid not to have the biggest L7 dad on the face of the planet. To nobody's surprise it contains a bunch of highly un-nuanced country songs of the Alan Jackson and Kenny Chesney ultra-patriotic-simpleton variety, along with the worst song John Fogarty ever wrote -- wait for it -- Center Field.

If I were loading up the President's iPod, I'd probably go for stuff that would have him tapping the Presidential toe without ever appreciating the irony involved. So no, it wouldn't be Sympathy for the Devil or Curtis Mayfield's No Thing on Me (Cocaine Song), more like Patty Loveless's Blame it On Your Heart (You don't know right from the dream is laid to rest...'cos you have failed the blame it on your lyin' cheatin' two-timin' double-dealing' mean mistreatin' lovin heart). If you've never heard it follow the link & listen to a sample, ol' Chimipy would be buck dancing (or would he be more of a clogger? hillbilly roots are showing...) before he could help himself and completely oblivious (probably) of any overt commentary involved.

I know I'm gonna be thinking about this all day now. So, what would you like to say to George via his iPod?

P.S. Vinyl Mine has a copy of T-Rex's Telegram Sam, recorded from vinyl and replete with the recycled monster riff from Bang A Gong (Get it On), available for download here. It won't show up on George's iPod any time soon, but it should be on yours.

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Update: Via Alterman we learn that Alejandro Escovido is also on iPod of Fearless Leader. Funny, we don't remember ever seeing his face at all those Nuns shows at the Mabuhay Gardens. Or even Rank & File (actually we just wanted an excuse to gratuitously mention the brothers Kinman). Must be a newcomer to the party (sniff sniff).