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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Dobson On the Rag

Dobson's anger today must be akin to a rage-filled diety ready to fling Lucifer down from a Wal-Mart heaven. Because Bunnypants was loud and proud this morning doing the fundie shuffle, threatening to use his veto power for the first time over the two bills Congress is taking up today that would ease restrictions on federal government financing of stem cell research:
House passage of the embryonic stem cell bill would be a rare direct challenge to President Bush, who has consistently threatened to veto any legislation that tried to widen federal support for research using stem cells from human embryos. Mr. Bush, who has seen both houses of Congress controlled by Republicans throughout his presidency, has yet to veto any legislation since he took office in 2001. (NYT)
Although that's been Bunnypants' position all along, I'm sure he's working overtime today to publicly placate Dobson over Republican failure to break the filibuster yesterday, as well as what appears to be a collective congressional flight from the death-grip of the right wing. Kos, who is nothing if not a crafty political mind, boils it down quite nicely:
. If the filibuster was dead, Bush would've been able to put anyone on the Supreme Court. Anyone.

. Radical Christian Rightist James Dobson is demanding the right to choose the next Supreme Court nominee.

. Dobson's biggest enemy is the filibuster. Hence, he forced Frist to engage in the nuclear option.

. Because of the deal, Dobson can't choose the next Supreme Court justice. Bush's choice, if too extreme, faces the prospect of a filibuster.
I'm channeling the image of Dobson, Rumplestiltskin-like, stomping his foot through the floorboards of a rotting Republican party that neither Frist nor Rove seem to be able to keep in line. It might not be a sweet day to be a liberal, but if you're spittle-flinging mouthbreather, it's gotta suck.

BTW, it was really touching when Bunnypants talked about the 80 kids born this year as a result of adopted embryos from in vitro fertilization. That leaves only 169,920 that are created annually only to be destroyed. Anyone want to tell me when he's gonna go all biblical and pro-life on that one?