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Friday, May 06, 2005

Letter of the Day

Harry rides again:

Letter to Tom Delay (called myself Dingethorpe to throw him off the scent):

Dear Delay,

I am deepy concerned about the prevalence of cursing in the armed forces. I have met several soldiers and their language is often appalling, even the officers. It is one thing to say "Oh, d____," when one is under attack by Arabs; quite another to go around saying, "F___, f___, f___," all the time. This is the langauge of the tavern, sir, low and swinish. My son would like to join the army, but he is understandably concerned about being exposed to such brutishness.

Cursing is the sign of a limited vocabulary, and it sets a bad example to the Iraqis. What is your policy about it?

Best regards,

Reginald Dingethorpe

P.S. I am also concerned that you refer to yourself as a "whip". My wife and I are Christians, and we are not sure what to make of this.
Now, poor Harry took much crap from readers who thought his letter frivolous and chided him for diverting our politicians from important affairs of state. Since we're talking about Tom DeLay here and any minute he or his staff are not devoting to the destruction of the country is a boon in my book, I say bravo Harry, this is an outstanding public service on your part.

For the record, DeLay has been busy weaving the 5th Amendment into his apostate's banner and has not responded to Harry's letter.