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Monday, May 23, 2005

Me & Gordon Smith

According to The Note this morning, Harry Reid has 49 votes, 2 votes shy of what he needs to preserve the filibuster. The four Republican senators Most Likely To are evidently Arlen Specter (PA), John Warner (VA), Mike Dewine (OH) and Chuck Hagel (NE). Evidently the Freepers are off their meds this morning and bombarding them with calls, so if you live in one of these states PLEASE take a minute and call them and tell them politely you urge them to support a bipartisan effort to preserve the filibuster. That is, if you want it preserved. If you don't, well, go have a beer or something, it really isn't that important.

As promised, I called Gordon Smith's office (541 465-6750) this morning. It was really simple. "Gordon Smith's Office..." "Yes, I'm an Oregon resident and I want to urge Senator Smith to preserve the filibuster." "Can I have your name?" "Jane Hamsher." "Thank you, I'll pass it along." It was that easy. (I kept my comments about the hair to myself.)

From looking up the number to making the call it took all of two minutes. The links above should save you about 30 seconds of Googling. Just in case you were wondering.