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Friday, May 20, 2005

This Week in Dog

Lucy had a ball catching accident and had to have stitches in her lip, but Dr. Brown sent her home with some nifty pain killers so Lucy has all the good drugs for the weekend.

Katie (pictured above) killed a rat in the bushes. It happened so quickly I didn't even know it was happening. She is little but tough, and quite soulful, as her picture shows -- her occasional ferocity takes me by surprise.

Kobe has been reading about Iggy Pop. His favorite quote:
It was like what Hitler said, "Go for the lowest common denominator." With the Stooges that was really necessary, because those were the only people who really dug us. When we first started out, our fans were JUST A MESS -- it was like early Christianity. It was the ugliest chicks and the most illiterate guys -- people with skin problems, people with sexual problems, weight problems, unemployment problems, mental problems, you name it, they were a mess."
Makes you wonder what they did with themselves after the Stooges broke up.

Kobe and I are off to Lincoln City for Kobe's favorite jaunt of the month to buy organic dog food at Paws on the Sand (the girls hate the car -- they barf -- but Kobe has been known to climb in the autos of complete strangers and stubbornly resist exit). He has a new mix tape sent to us by our good friend Dan, so he will be rockin' the 101.