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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Wingnut Mouth

I was watching Max Boot get booed off the stage today at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books on C-SPAN after giving the Sipowicz smacky face defense of torture at Abu Ghraib, and I was struck once again by the presence of a characteristic I frequently notice amongst the winger noise machine -- an oddly distorted rictus of the mouth that makes it freeze in inappropriate positions, causing a smile to look not so much like the expression of joy as a symptom of gastric indigestion.

So I am starting a series called "Wingnut Mouth." If you have a photo you would like to submit for candidacy, you can email it to me here.

Today's contestant:

Kaye Grogan: Unhinged and Unmedicated

Kaye writes:
Many are caught up with being a die-hard political party member. They refuse to go outside their party affiliation, and will vote strictly party line, regardless if they know their candidate is supporting abortion, same-sex marriages, and other issues they may not really support in their hearts. The Bible says: "to thine own self be true."
No, it doesn't. That would be Shakespeare. And as the torrid cant of Kate's moue might lead you to believe, a shaky grip on reality compels her to make it up as she goes along. Kaye believes that saying nasty things about the President should be a felony, particularly for those dastardly fabulists who accuse him of "making up fraudulent reasons to go to war in Iraq." She states without fear of contradiction that the "biggest majority of Americans are pro-life"(something less than truth would be...hmm...well, a lie, Kaye), and advises Democrats to heed the council of "more rational party members like Senator Zell Miller" (being the only person on record to use the words "rational" and "Zell Miller" together in a sentence).

Kaye writes for Alan Keyes' website, is an amateur photographer and loves to sing karaoke. She is probably more of a danger to herself than others, but still a good reason to steer clear of the state of Virginia.