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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

John Bolton in Neverland

Maybe its the droopy mustache. Bless his heart.

Let's face it - John Bolton can't pass a smell test. When you get enough Republicans backpeddling you got trouble in Potomac City. A "Kiss up, kick down" management style got him some good jobs but it won't get him senate approval as U.S. Ambassador to the United Nation.

The Republican Senate Rat Pack leader Bill Frist took one on the chin with Monday's vote. Someone should get Frist a speed reading class and a copy of Robert Caro's "Master of the Senate" biography of Lyndon Johnson. The cloture vote fell six short of ending debate. Ohio GOP Senator George Voinovich defection probably cost him a White House Christmas Card and a chance for some cool photo opportunities with George W. Oh yeah, and Fox Nooz has put Voinovich on their Enemy's List.

Democrats criticize Bolton for his sometimes blunt comments about the United Nations, including a 1994 statement that "there is no such thing as the United Nations." Now how can we have a U.N. Ambassador who hasn't seen the latest Nicole Kidman movie? There were all those great shots of the United Nations. If Sean Penn knows there's a U.N. is he better qualified?

I really don't see the Democrat's point about not wanting Bolton. A bull in an atomic china shop can be pretty darn entertaining. It's not like there are hair trigger situations anywhere that need diplomacy? A case in point: those talks to control all the nuclear weapons left around in Russia. Bolton, as Under Secretary of State and chief arms control negotiator, kept the impass going for years. After his departure there's been a breakthrough in the talks. Opponents also have criticized his handling of the diplomatic standoffs over the nuclear programs in Iran and North Korea during the past four years.

There's a question we should ask. Do we want diplomacy, with respect for other nations or do we want cowboy arrogance that lets the rest of the world know that the United States knows what is best for everyone else?

Not to be out done in the last laugh department, Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice has hinted to Fox Nooz that the President is ready to appoint Bolton during the Senate 4th of July recess. That would put Bolton in the job until next year. How much damage can he do?