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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Media Heroes Whores in Action

Well you knew it had to come. The NYT (and others) have once again appointed themselves enablers of the dissembling right, and the dialog over Deep Throat has now devolved into a discussion of whether Mark Felt was "honorable" or not. Over at the Left Coaster, Duckman nails it:
How familiar that all sounds. It wasn't the abuses at Gitmo, it was Newsweek getting it wrong that was the great crime.

It wasn't the hypocrisy of bushco actions towards GLB&T people, it was the outrage that John F Kerry pointed out that Big Time dick cheney's daughter was a lesbian that was the heinous event.

I could go on and on. But just look at this article, think about it, ponder it for a moment. Mark Felt's honor and a buck and a half might get you a cup of Joe at Starbucks.

But that was the discussion in the Times, was he honorable.

Well, let's see. He couldn't go through "channels" as those people were the very criminals in charge, like Mitchell and Grey and assorted other White House toadies.

It's revealing to note that the first quote comes from a Nixon idolator, pat buchanan. He's a snake, opines pat, an expert on snakes, having worked for Nixon, and having to look in the mirror every morning.

But what about Watergate? I mean, who cares if Mr. Felt is "honorable" or not? Does what he did diminish the gross violations of the Constitution of the Nixon White House? The dead and damaged, the broken lives, the broken countries strewn behind Nixon's paranoia and insecurity?
Sounds like a little pre-emptive action to me -- smear Felt good so nobody in BushCo. gets any ideas about Doing The Right Thing.

Go and read the rest of Honor in Deed. It's a first rate rant.