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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

As Grandma Would Say: You Go, Girl!

Michelle Malkin cheers Laura Ingraham for going off her meds balls to the wall:
The feisty Laura Ingraham--back, brilliant, and better than ever--took a look at President Bush's comments warning conservatives to "tone it down" on the judicial battles. Laura had some choice words for President Shush:
In a slightly disturbing interview in USA TODAY, President Bush tells everyone to "tone down" the rhetoric. That's funny, that's what the Democrats are saying too. The President, in fact, needs conservatives to be mobilized, passionate, and strong in their support of his nominee--toning it down never helps the GOP. (see, e.g., the fights over Bolton, Estrada, and Bork.)
I guess all us girls are in agreement then. The right needs to be absolutely strident and fight to the death to insure that only the most extreme, anti-abortion, pro-torture, anti-separation of church and state voice be added to the Supreme Court.

After all, what do we care about Roe v. Wade, really girls? As intelligent embryos we had the good judgment to pick affluent parents who could buy us the right that all good middle class girls have to nip off to Switzerland if, say, a condom breaks at the wrong moment, snap snap, grin grin, wink wink, nudge nudge, say no more, know what I mean? Forget the courthouse lawn, the Ten Commandments should be posted at the 99 Cent store. Morality, like public transit, is for poor people.

Sing it loud, sister, for there is good money to be had in the shrill harridan business these days, and money as we know is the true measure of value in this world. It's how Jesus shows you he likes your work. Aside from the nice checks from the Heritage Foundation and the Department of Education, acting as a tool to force other women into subjugation to their bodies really thins out the competition. And when Rush has done such a damned good job of spreading the "humorless feminist" stereotype that even so-called liberals are buying into it, it's pretty clear which side of this thing the big cash is sitting on.

So go for it. This is pedal-to-the-metal, scream your tits off time. The Kingdom of Gilead is at hand, and George W. Bush is treating you like a skanky two dollar whore he wants to stiff after a quite artful twenty minute blow job. How dare he tell you to pipe down, or accept a bed-wetting liberal like Alberto Gonzales. Cry, scream, kick, tear the party in two if you must. And I really think you must. You've certainly put out. Time for him to pay up.

Update: Pam lets us know that the Arkham inmates have a petition that now has 213,539 signatures. I'm sure Fearless Leader will receive it just about as joyfully as he did the Conyers/Downing Street petition. Maybe more.