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Friday, July 15, 2005

I Swear, Office, It Was Only One Beer

Rove has said he does not recall who the journalist was who first told him that Wilson's wife worked for the CIA, or when the conversation occurred, the lawyer said.
Oh lord he is using the cocktail party defense. The job of satirizing this bunch just gets tougher every day.

I'm thinking Dick DUI Cheney ought to make a public statement in his defense. Because, you know, things like this happen all the time. You've pissed yourself, you can't find your license, walk a straight line or remember where you were born -- but damn if you don't pick up the phone the next day and tell everything to Time Magazine. It's a good story. Who cares where it came from.

Unlike many, I myself am very heartened to hear that Fearless Leader is keeping young Turd Blossom around. With so much that needs to be dealt with on the national agenda to position this country for what is surely to come in the new world order, it's tragic to think that we have to wait years for anything to get done -- the most we can hope for in the mean time is to limit the damage that the Chickenhawk Gang can inflict.

I hope Rove sticks around like a rancid pot roast that GW just refuses to throw out and stinks the place up 'til 2006. It's a public service, IMHO.