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Monday, July 11, 2005

I'll Have Whatever He's Having

Hugh "Jass" Hewitt quite selflessly offers this piece of Solomonic wisdom:
It is no secret that the gang at the Los Angeles Times despises President Bush and just about every Red State value or representative out there.  That explains the paper's dismal circulation numbers and financial woes.
Yeah, and maybe they should start printing in Klingon. The city of Los Angeles overwhelmingly went for Kerry (65%) in 2004. George Bush and his Red State "values" only got 35% then, and Fearless Leader's recent approval ratings are currently uncovering new layers of priordial slime. While bending over like a bunch of neocon tools probably would earn them the return of GM's advertising, the word "newspaper" should probably be taken off the masthead and replaced with "the final nail in Edward R. Murrow's coffin."

Maybe the Times' woes would be ameliorated if they stopped publishing flaming piles of dogshit like this.