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Monday, July 25, 2005

Rove Launches His Smear Campaign

In addition to helping the CIA define of the word "covert," White House tool Pat Roberts sez:
The chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence could hold hearings on the use of espionage cover soon after the U.S. Congress returns from its August recess, said Roberts spokeswoman Sarah Little.

Little said the Senate committee would also review the probe of special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald, who has been investigating the Plame case for nearly two years.
Unfuckingbelievable. Except you knew it was coming.

Update: Josh Marshall says that last year Roberts refused to allow the Committee to look into the Niger forgeries, saying that he didn't want to interfere with an ongoing investigation:
So it would seem that any overlap between a criminal investigation and a congressional inquiry is a big no-no to Roberts.

And yet now we hear that he plans to investigate Patrick Fitzgerald's investigation itself.

What this man won't do when Karl Rove calls.
Sometimes whore sounds most appropriate when it is pronounced as a two syllable word, as in hooo--er.