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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Time to Wipe That Smug Smile Off Your Face, Little Man

Emily Lyons, the nurse who was maimed and blinded in one eye in the New Woman All Woman abortion clinic blast, on cowardly little bomber Eric Rudolph:
Lyons said she had been waiting 7 1/2 years for the chance to speak to Rudolph face to face, and "the main purpose was to see him and let him know he failed."

"I hope I used the word failure enough that he knows it," she told reporters after the hearing.

In her statement at the hearing, she sarcastically thanked Rudolph for leaving behind an extensive trail of clues and sneered at him for taking a plea bargain that spared his life.

"A hole the size of a fist was torn in my abdomen and large sections of my intestines were removed, but I have more guts in my broken little finger than you have in your body," she said.

"The joint in my middle finger had to be fused, and it is indeed an injury I have longed to show you."

Lyons ended her statement by winking at Rudolph, as he had done in court when he pleaded guilty to the attacks April 13.
Rudolph doesn't give a flying fuck about blastulae, or snowflake embryos, or fetuses, or the right to anyone's life. What he really hates are strong women, and his fondest wish is to dispatch someone like Lyons back to the middle ages. And anybody who can't figure that out is either functionally retarded or writing for America's Best Blog.

She winked at him. Fuckin' A.

(via RJ Eskow)