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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Wingnuts, Sluts and SCOTUS

From Magorn, under the category of "wish I'd thought of it:"
This is terrifying and exhilarating time for progressives.  If we handle this fight right its the beginning of the end for the Wingnut Coalition.  

Look we all know the Republicans have treated the Evangelicals like the Homely Slutty girl In High School.  On Saturday night when nobody was looking they'd tell her how much they loved and respected her, when they wanted something from her;   but come Monday morning they go out of their way to avoid going by her locker or having to been seen with her in the lunch room.  But on this issue, she turned into a crazy eyed stalker chick.

This is the Mini-Rapture for the religious right.  The believe that their theocratic vision has been increasingly thwarted by 5-4 decisions.  They've sold their flock on the idea that only 1 Supreme Court Justice stands between them and the Republic of Gilead.  This has been the trumpet they've used to energize the base over and over again to turn out on election day, and turn out their pockets all the rest of the days.

Now its Payback time.  They believe they are entitled to the next Supreme Court nominee, and if they don't get one of their favored picks, all hell is going to break loose.  

However if W. Does bow to their pressure, and appoint a bible-verse spouting wingnut;  he's gonna turn the stomachs of middle America, emboldens the Dems to filibuster until 06, when it will become the Mother of all Wedge Issues.
Hard to say what will happen, but with Unka Karl on the hot seat too I suddenly feel like breaking into a chorus of "Oh Happy Day."