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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

You Lie Down With Dogs, You Get Up With Fleas

Yesterday she was the martyred heroine, belle of the wingnut ball. Today she's the main entree at the attack poodle buffet. From Byron York at the NRO:
[W]e know that the vice president's chief of staff, Lewis Libby, has testified he learned of Plame's identity from a journalist.

What if -- and here's where it gets really interesting -- what if the real object of interest where Fitzgerald's investigation is concerned is now none other than the jailed Judith Miller of the New York Times? What if she let it all slip and in the giant game of telephone around the nation's capital, Miller was the original source of the "Plame's in the CIA" info? What if Fitzgerald needs her notes to discern whether Miller knew or didn't know of Plame's supposedly covert status?

Fitzgerald already has a major bone to pick with Miller. He believes she materially and dangerously impeded his investigation into a terrorist-financing scheme run by the Holy Land Foundation.
Echoed, of course, in all the usual chambers: The Pod, Tool Time, Malkin, etc. etc.

(As a side note, Cap'n Ed once again demonstrates the dangers of freelancing and gives further evidence of his own curious grasp of the criminal justice system. He says that since investigators can't resort to torture, if everyone will just keep their friggin' yaps shut this will all blow over. All the guilty parties should just invoke their fifth amendment right to tell Patrick Fitzgerald to go fuck himself, and that should take care of it. 'Cos, you know, that always works on Judging Amy.)

I hope somebody gets word to Jailhouse Judy that her loyal flock has forsaken her before she gets slapped with criminal contempt charges. She may lose that luster of the beatific Dreyer film heroine and get a bit more chatty upon hearing that plans to make her the Che Guevara of the right have been cancelled.

Update: Roger has a few words for Cliff Kincaid, another member of the echo chamber:
If we inhale Cliffie's crack and assume that Miller is refusing to disclose her source to protect herself from the embarassment of having providing Plame's name to innocent Administration officials -- wouldn't those officials have already told Fitzgerald that they got the information from Miller and thus weren't passing official secrets? Wouldn't such officials not only waive "the privilege," but demand that Miller testify?

And if Cliff is speaking about protection from criminal prosecution (although he doesn't identify a law under which Miller could be prosecuted), Miller could simply assert her own Fifth Amendment privilege and stay out of prison while refusing to testify.

Of all the idiotic theories advanced by the Bushlickers in re: Plame, I've yet to see one more moronic.
The "Lawrence O'Donnell is a liar" defense had the shelf life of unrefrigerated milk. I wonder how long this one's gonna last.