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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Your Daily Les

Poor Scott McClellan. With the rabid White House press corps all over him like recoiled barbed wire and no Jeff Gannon there to provide cover, he can still count on Les Kinsolving when things get tough. See if you can guess the real Les question over at Sadly, No!:
LES: Scott, White House officials have frequently scoffed at the efficacy of the U.N. and its ability to function. Does this mean, Scott, that the President intends to disregard the dire threat to America posed by the Bible-burning, gun-snatching heathens in blue helmets who every night fly over my house in black helicopters?

LES: Scott, is carpet a car, or a pet? Squeal! Chased by biting pumpkins! Wah. Sorry, Scott. Scott, does the President think a tax on tacks will make Hungary hungry? And if so, does your chewing gum lose its flavor on the bedpost overnight? I have extra gum -- just saying. Back atcha, Scott.

LES: Scott, pull my finger. No, just kidding. Scott, what does the President think about the Soviets flooding our American water supply with toxic fluoride? And by Soviet, I mean Islamic or possibly North Korean, and will the President be hotsy-totsy tonight, or can you send me a note in private? Throwin' it right back to the Scottster.
The real question is by no means as easy to spot as it should be. But it's nice to know that whenever Scotty wants to pour a little lead downrange, Les will always be there to feed the belt.

(hat tip to Gord & Fixer -- they know why)