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Monday, August 01, 2005

Dunno What Everyone is So Upset About

I was actually kind of thrilled about the Bolton appointment to the UN today.

As TBogg and others have noted, Bush's move is the tantrum of a rich kid whose sense of entitlement can't abide the word "no," but it's more than just that. It's the act of a desperate man who can't back down for fear of looking weak, but in lashing out has to know that he strikes at the heart of the power of the Senate. And no matter how much they might be his bitch when it comes to stealing from the taxpayer trough, there is no way a bunch of patriarchal egomaniacs like that are gonna feel good about getting punked over Bolton.

And it could not come at a better time. The Senate confirmation hearings of John Roberts come soon, and while it probably won't put much of a damper on Bill Frist's enthusiastic support, it might temper the knee-jerk acquiescence of the Joe Liebermans, the Lindsay Grahams and the Arlen Specters. They may not exactly rake him over the coals, but as Brian from Ain't No Bad Dude pointed out over passionfruit iced tea with Kobe today, they might sit back and do nothing while others do the dirty work. No enthusiastic speeches of support, no testimonies to his stalwart commitment to truth, justice and the American Way. No frat boy "old buddy" cajoling from the Hair Club for Men contingent.

This giant "fuck you" to the Senate may silence a few of the Junior Bird Men so the infantry can do their job. Bolton? He's just another bottom feeder with no credibility who could soon be gone. The damage he can inflict is probably minimal. Roberts, on the other hand, could haunt us all for life.

Lame duck, anyone?

Update: Will Pitt has a few quotes to remember them by:
"If they make a recess appointment, then I have to say, it's a finger in the eye of the Senate," said Orrin Hatch, the Republican Senator from Utah. Of course, he said that in 1997. Republican Minority Whip Don Nickles said, "If he really sticks his finger in the eye of the Senate as far as the confirmation process, he may not get another person confirmed. We don't have to confirm anybody next year." That was in 1999. Republican Senator James Inhofe said, "He has treated the Senate confirmation process as little more than a nuisance which he can circumvent whenever he wants to impose his will on the country." That was also in 1999.
Nothing like a little gasoline for the fire, I say.

Update II: Steve Clemons at The Washington Note devoted his blog to defeating Bolton and did much to block the Senate confirmation. It's been my go-to blog on Bolton every day, and he deserves much credit for really making the GOP work for it and BushCo. spend much of its meager "political capital" on Walrus boy. Stop by and let him know you appreciate his efforts.