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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Failing Upward

Saw CNN's special on the series of intelligence fuckups that lead to the war in Iraq. Except for saying that they really weren't interested in any intelligence that didn't support their desire to invade Iraq, it more or less let the administration off the hook and blamed all the mistakes on the CIA. They did mention the Downing Street Memo, however, and also noted that Cheney's early war-mongering speeches were fact-free and uncleared by the CIA, which was nice.

But they did hit the point hard that much of the intelligence that made Colin Powell look like a serial liar before the UN came from a source known as Curveball, whom the CIA knew to be untrustworthy. That's reason enough to drag out this oldie but goody from TBogg:
It's not too surprising that an Administration that treated a document entitled Bin Laden Determined to Strike In US like it was a four month-old copy of People magazine, would derive their war intelligence from a source with a codename of "Curveball."
I just love that one.

Am off to watch the rerun of Press the Meat where Trent Lott further unsettles the Camp Crawford crew's jolly August holiday. How bad is it when the guy they invite on to defend your Iraq policy takes the opportunity to first kick you around like a hackeysack?