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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Kobepalooza: The Coda

Well Kobepalooza (the LA Blogger Bash) is officially over. It happened without the participation of Kobe himself, and since those in attendance are notoriously camera shy, Kobe gets to make his appearance in the photo above, taken in happier days after he became jealous that Sean Hannity had been nominated for a Nobel Prize and he had not. (He thinks the fact that he had to stay at home is jive, considering he started the ball rolling with his "coffee with Kobe" series, but he does not yet understand that white carpet and big poodle feet do not go together).

Many thanks to SteveAudio and his lovely wife Pam for letting us all invade their home. In attendance were TBogg, Kevin Drum, Skippy, Arianna Huffington, Elton from BusyBusyBusy, John from Crooks & Liars, Greg from The Talent Show, RJ Eskow from Night Light, Ezra Klein, Leah from Corrente, Pamela Leavey, Ellen Nagler, Brian Linse, Scoobie Davis, Mark Kleiman, Joseph and Alex from Martini Republic, David E., their various spouses, fiances and companions, and people I know I must be forgetting and for doing so I deeply apologize.

When everyone arrived I thought oh God, this is going to be a disaster, everyone is uncomfortable and what was I thinking inviting a bunch of socio-phobic people who like to sit behind a computer to a gathering with others like themselves. Of course that wore off and it soon turned into a shout fest. I had a ball. Nobody was who I expected them to be, except Ezra Klein who was exactly who I expected him to be. John from Crooks & Liars? I'm counting down the days until he takes O'Reilly apart on tee vee. Trust me, he's got star quality written all over him.

And of course the first question I asked Arianna was about the Roger Ailes dust up on the first day of the Huffington Post over the blog roll. I had to race home and tell Roger immediately. I'll leave it to him to pass along as he sees fit. But it's a good one.

Digby was in Mexico but sent his best and counseled that we LA bloggers "gotta knock that chip off those Philly bloggers' shoulders." It was a damn good start.