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Monday, August 01, 2005

No Love for Jane at Gucci

Look, I know it's crazy. The fix is probably in at Diebold, the Rethuglicans are out in force and Jean Schmidt is just unbalanced and psychopharmaceutically dependent enough to be the perfect GOP candidate (she now says Hackett isn't pro-family). But Hackett has come out of nowhere and I'm really sorry I didn't go to Ohio now. Everyone at the Swing State Project have done an amazing job of organizing, people are flocking in from all over to sleep on floors, walk precincts and kick up a Herculean stink. Forcing the GOP to fight like hell and pony up a ton of cash for a district they thought they had a lock on.

If Paul Hackett loses, he probably goes back to Iraq (the two men behind him in the photo were in Fallujah with him). They need $30,000 today to fund the push for tomorrow, election day ($50 a precinct with 600 precincts -- Tom Delay drips that kind of cash in anal leakage alone).

So tilt at windmills. Do the glorious Sancho Panza thing. Give a little cash, and if you gave before, give again. I did once again this morning.

The welcome mat will not be out today for Jane at Gucci. But it's the best way I can think of to say "... and the Bolton you rode in on."