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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Oh Where Was the Outrage Then?

From the Yellow Dog Democrat:
Richard Holbrooke, who Republicans delayed for 14 months as Bill Clinton's nominee to the U.N., refused to bypass the Senate with a recess appointment, saying that it would introduce him to the world body with no credibility or authority.

Holbrooke understood that the job and massive responsibility that go with being America's chief diplomat outweigh personal ambition and political agenda. In other words, “country first, me second.”

Given that selfishness has always been a central tenet of Republican ideology, should we have expected Bolton to show Holbrooke's wisdom, humility and class?

Obviously not.
John from Crooks & Liars also has the video from Olbermann of Bolton being booed as he enters the UN. Where was the NBC Nightly News? You can't tell me that one wasn't a juicy prime time-worthy news story, fer Chrissakes.

Oh sorry, I forgot. Tom Brokaw was delivering baked goods and love poems to Jailhouse Judy. Well hopefully it'll mean a lull in all that Greatest Generation crap for a while. Is it just me, or does everyone find that kind of second grade hagiography thoroughly insulting?