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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Wait Til I Tell 'em About the Pie

So on my dad's crazy Southern side of the family, there are three liberals -- my Uncle Dee who's in his 80s and lives in Texas, my cousin Larry in Tennessee and cousin Wendell in Kentucky who are both I believe in their 70s -- and about a hundred angry, armed redneck wingnuts. We lone lefties send stuff amongst ourselves to kind of keep the faith. Used to be they'd send me things that circulated endlessly in emails, but lately I've been noticing that their stuff is remarkably up to date.

So tonight I'm copied on an email from Larry to Uncle Dee who says "in case you missed this on THE BLOG." It's a post about Terry Rodgers, the wounded vet who refused to meet with Bush . And I'm like, what's THE BLOG? So I go to the link, and find these guys are sitting around reading Kos.

No shit. A bunch of red state senior citizens tired of being the only liberal in town have found their crew. I'm gonna be laughing about that one all weekend.