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Friday, August 26, 2005

Well You Can't Say We Weren't Willing To Do Our Duty to King and Country

Per the suggestion of Slim and others, I emailed Joe Wilson and told him that the readers of this blog were willing to sponsor him at the Robert Novak conference where for the low low price of $595 Novak promised to tell the "truth."

Today, from Ambassador Wilson:
Thank you very much for the offer. As tempting as it is I am afraid I am going to have to pass. I do hope somebody asks him the questions he needs to answer but I am not sanguine that he will be any more candid to his "clientele" than he is publicly. In any event, I think he is through.

Thank you also for your continued support. Valerie and I draw tremendous strength from the millions of Americans who understand what has happened, to us, yes, but most of all to our country. We will continue to fight to regain our democracy from the hands of these thugs.

Joe Wilson
Well that was classy. Maybe we should send John from Crooks & Liars, he's been feeling under the weather lately but that would be some celebrity death match.

Thanks much to eriposte of the Left Coaster for passing on the email to Joe Wilson, they are both so going on the guest list for Kobepalooza II.