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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Cognitive Dissonance On Parade

Fearless Leader in disconnect once again. From the WaPo:
U.S. President George W. Bush on Saturday called the federal government well prepared and organized to deal with Hurricane Rita as he sought to reassure Americans and repair his image tarnished by the slow and chaotic response to Katrina.

"It comforts me knowing that our federal government is well organized and well prepared to deal with Rita," said Bush.
CBS News:
The storm surge from Hurricane Rita caused havoc in New Orleans, cascading over the city's patched levees and causing new flooding just days after already-devastated neighbourhoods had been pumped dry.

"The first time is bad. After that, you numb up," said Quentrell Jefferson of the Ninth Ward....

"We believed the 2.4-metre elevation was sufficient" to protect the Ninth Ward, Wagenaar said.
Over at the Left Coaster, Steve Soto tells us the Right is going back to their Hillary manual and trying to blame Bush's failures on -- Laura.

They can't be serious. I mean, the modern GOP is undoubtedly all about the institutionalized wrath of the Angry White Male. But it looks to me like Preznit Blow Binge has taken to writing his own talking points memos, 'cos this is the lamest one yet. (Typical alcoholic -- it's everyone else's fault.)

We're getting into the deep aggression now. If this one doesn't fly and he runs true to form, expect Daddy to be #2 on the hit list.