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Thursday, September 08, 2005

I Am So Loving This Idea

Kagro X tells Mary Landrieu that if she wants a real Katrina investigation not run by the Fuck-Up in Chief himself, she ought to block the nomination of John Roberts:
Senator, you need to block the nomination of Judge John Roberts. You need to take advantage of the fact that he's essentially been renominated to a new post, and you need to put a hold on that nomination. And the next nomination. And all nominations. For everything.

I know that's not how you felt before Katrina, and it may not even be how you feel after, but it's going to hurt a lot more than your threats and outrage, and it's going to get noticed.

Why do it? At its simplest, because George Bush doesn't want you to. He wants the Roberts nomination (and every other nomination) to go forward and be approved. You want what he's not been willing to give so far -- real relief for Louisianans, and probably a serious investigation (i.e., not a whitewash) into what went wrong. News flash: You're not going to get it unless you grab 'em by the short hairs and pull.
Mary Landrieu has the floor now.  She's got the mike. She's in a perfect position to put some muscle behind the exposition of this tragedy, to make sure it isn't wiped off of headline news for some new missing white woman next week. After having been the explicit victim of Bush's incompetent cronyism appointments, who better to take the lead in blocking the appointment of a man with two years experience as a judge to the highest judicial seat in the land?

You've already threatened to hit him, sister. So go on and give him a good one where it hurts.

Can you say filibuster?