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Monday, September 19, 2005

Maybe This is Giving Unka Karl Those Kidney Stones?

It didn't occur to me at the time I read it, but Reddhedd emailed me about an interesting point with regard to Schumer's statements yesterday, i.e. that former CIA Director George Tenet is reportedly really angry that Judith Miller might walk out of jail sometime within the month:
Tenet is not at all happy with Dubya, but he is even less happy with Cheney and his behind the scenes machinations to keep his hands looking squeaky clean publicly.  Thus, the speculation that Tenet has been talking and then some, along with several of his lieutenants, all of whom have been very displeased with the Cheney stranglehold on politicizing intelligence and the NSA's inability to actually do its job in independently reviewing matters for the WH, etc., etc.  Guess we'll see when the SGJ reports indictments and the trials start whether or not Tenet and company have a starring role.  Seems to me you have to have a pretty large set of cajones to try and dump on the former head of the CIA -- no matter how many contacts you may think you have, he can one-up you in spades and find out where you've buried each and every skeleton from the time you were in the first grade forward.
But why would Tenet care about Judy Miller exchanging her testimony for liberty, any more than he did about Matt Cooper or Walter Pincus or Tim Russert? If what Schumer says is true, and Tenet is running around extremely hacked off despite that nice shiny medal o' freedom (Gawd, what does it take to get a guy to clam up these days, eh, Dubya?) then Judy must've done something much worse than the others did, at least in the eyes of the former CIA director.

Curiouser and curiouser....