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Thursday, September 08, 2005

That the Benzos Talking Again, Laura?

Let's see. Laura Bush is the only woman in America who thinks the US was just struck by a hurricane named Corinna. White House spokesman Trent Duffy says Katrina shows just how important it is that we immediately add another $100 billion to the deficit this year and privatize Social Security. And on Al Franken this morning they noted that Joe Allbaugh, who preceded his buddy Mike Brown as bumbling head of FEMA, is now in Baton Rouge seeking contracts for his client Halliburton.

Idiots and crooks everywhere.

Meanwhile, the animals are running out of time. FEMA has, up until now, not allowed its rescue workers to rescue animals when they encounter them, despite the fact that owners who had to flee the hurricane without their pets are calling the Humane Society with information about where those pets were left. (And according to Skippy, forcing people to abandon their animals on the part of FEMA may be illegal.)

The mayor is threatening to close the city down before Humane Society workers on the ground can finish their work and canvas the city to find any animals left alive. Aside from the tragedy this would present, thousands of dead animals and the further health hazard they would contribute to a city already wracked by destruction seems awfully short-sighted.

Please take a minute to contact FEMA, either by telephone at 202-646-3900, by FAX at 202-646-3930, or by email here, and let them know that you support the evacuation of animals. For an agency who have so far managed to bungle just about everything put before them, it would be a good PR move at the very least.

Also, if you're a Kossack, please go there and recommend this diary to keep it on the front page.

And if you haven't given anywhere yet, or want to give some more, please consider the Humane Society. If I was struggling to get back on my feet after losing everything I can't think of anything that would be more meaningful to me than being united with my dog family.

(hat tip to Watertiger for the photo)

Update: FEMA has made no decision yet, but the US Coast Guard and National Guard troops have just begun to allow people to evacuate with their pets. Many thanks to people who have called and faxed FEMA. Please keep up the good work, the noise seems to be having an effect.

Update II: Moeman has a very artistic take on the above photo. It's a good laugh.