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Friday, October 21, 2005


It's a Friday night. What are you doing for fun?

If you are hanging out here, there's still more news hitting the wires. Thought I'd do another round-up of the latest tidbits for everyone.

For an excellent profile of our boy Fitz, take a peek at the latest from the New York Times. Some good quotes from friends and colleagues -- and even a few nice things from opposing counsel on his bigger cases.

Am anticipating the latest salvo -- this one from Brent Scowcroft in the New Yorker on Monday. (Hat tip to Steve Clemons from The Washington Note on this one.)

Still no answer from the NY Times on
Judy's special super secret clearance. (Hat tip to PressThink, who has been on this from moment one.)

And I'm working on something about the Wilkerson speech from yesterday, but today's news kind of crowded it out. Since it's not nearly done, and I think the speech was well executed in a lot of its critiques and concerns, I thought everyone might enjoy the read. You can find the link here, to the full text. (Thanks again to Washington Note for putting this up.)

Massive graphics love to Hail Dubyas. Can't say enough about how much I enjoyed this cartoon. (And so many others on the website. Major kudos!)