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Monday, October 03, 2005

Back in the Saddle

The Rapturous Martyr of the Alexandria Detention Center returned to "work" (*cough*) and addressed a humble gathering of her peers:
Ms. Miller said Mr. Libby had not agreed to these conditions until late last month and so, contrary to what she called White House "spin," she could not have testified a year ago or avoided jail.
It took her HOW FUCKING LONG to accuse the White House of spin? And not, you know, because 2,000 Americans lie dead. No, because they are hurting her feelings.
Ms. Miller also turned over her notes to Mr. Fitzgerald, but she said she was allowed to redact them herself, removing irrelevant information, rather than having to submit them to a third party to redact.
I was hot, wanton, stinking of sex. "Oh Irv," I moaned, quivering at his touch like a woman dying of thirst. The name of Valerie Wilson was never mentioned in our conversations.
In an interview after her appearance, Ms. Miller said she would cooperate with the newspaper's reporters. She said she was uncertain whether she would write her own account, either in the newspaper or in a book.
I'm thinking a book. Maybe a book, Judy. Maybe a book you brag to your friend you'll get $1.2 million for, even though the deal is not signed and the publisher might just as well go flush the cash down the shitter 'cos at $27 per book they'll never see that nut again.
Ms. Miller returned to her desk in the newsroom for the first time since she was jailed on July 6. Bouquets of flowers surrounded her computer, which a technology assistant said was clogged with 100,000 e-mail messages.
She also said she was exploring all the options, but she planned to first take some time off to urge Congress to pass a federal shield law to protect reporters with confidential sources.
Like the one even her own editor Bill Keller claims would not have covered Judy in this circumstance? I guess everyone needs a hobby.
She said she had not contemplated what it would be like to return to the paper and pick up her duties as a reporter, but added: "This is my clan, this is my tribe. I belong here."
Hard to imagine anyone wasting their breath arguing that one.

Update: David E: "No dear, you belong in Baghdad. And I’m not talkin’ 'Green Zone' either." More here.