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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Big Day For CondiLiar

John at Crooks & Liars now has the video up where Condi cops to the fact she is already acquainted with the Special Counsel in Traitorgate. And why would Mr. Fitzgerald be questioning her? From Sourcewatch (via Susan Hu):
The following year Rice was still touting the long-discredited claims - albeit somewhat qualified - about Iraq seeking uranium from Africa as justification for the war. "At the time that the State of the Union address was prepared, there were also other sources that said that they were, the Iraqis were seeking yellow cake, uranium oxide from Africa," Rice said on This Week with George Stephanopolous on the U.S. ABC network.
She was a member in good standing of the White House Iraq Group WHIG), whose documents Fitzgerald has long ago subpoenaed. And she went out there and sold that "mushroom cloud" bullshit like she was Cal Worthington trying to hawk a parking lot full of Vegas. Christ what a global embarrassment that was.

Did she have an investment in discrediting Wilson's claims? Does a bear shit in the woods? She wouldn't be sending up that trial balloons like this for nothing. I'm not saying she's definitely going to be indicted, but I bet she wants to get out in front of that particular news flash and it's a good sign even she thinks this whole thing is going to crack wide open.

While you're over at C&L you can enjoy watching Bill Kristol predict that Rove and Libby will be indicted. (Oh you know THAT ONE'S gotta hurt.)

Be good to yourself. You've earned it.