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Friday, October 07, 2005

Bush Boots Me For His Fake Subway Story

So I'm sitting at MSNBC in the chair, I've already been in hair & makeup for an hour, I've got a mic crawling up my bra, I'm chatting with the producer through my earpiece and in between watching myself on the monitor and thinking how MY hair looks better than Monica Crowley's I'm watching Bush's fake subway crisis and thinking up good lines -- "it really won't stop the approach of Hurricane Patrick" -- and I get booted.

Did Karl Rove know I was going to be on pissing all over his candy-ass crisis and bringing the story back to Traitorgate where it belongs? I'm thinking -- probably not. I'm probably just colossally unimportant in the MSNBC scheme of things. But I was really looking forward to launching a few zingers. (*sigh*)

Right now I'm a Crooks & Liars Central, and John can testify to the fact that my hair does, in fact, look great.