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Thursday, October 20, 2005

I Call This "Smartass with Congressional Pin"

Is it me, or does this photo say to you that the person in the mug shot feels above the law? That being indicted is a big joke and that he and all his buddies are gonna beat this rap?

Some days, as a prosecutor or a police officer, the knowledge that you will soon wipe the shit eating grin off the face of the jackass that you have just charged with a crime makes the whole thing all the more worthwhile.

Smile while you can, Bugman. The Abramoff investigation is just picking up steam...and that's not even the charges for which this picture was taken. This photo was taken for a series of other felonies. Hey moron -- you have been charged with a number of crimes, not invited to a kegger.

Smile while you can.

(Hat tip to The Smoking Gun for posting the pix.)