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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Is That A Kevlar Vest Under Your Coat, Patrick?

Okay, watched Hardball & Countdown, several points:

1. Somebody needs to press Fitzgerald's suit, pronto.

2. Since when are Tucker Carlson and Bob Shrum experts on anything but world-class wankery?

3. Mike Allen (Time Magazine) sez if Fitzgerald got indictments today, he can go back to the targets and say "plead to this or have a few more on Friday."

4. Allen says of Fitzgerald's appearance on Tuesday at Rove's attorneys -- "he knew he'd be seen." Can we say we appreciate that kind of flair for the dramatic?

5. On Countdown, Jim Vandehei (WaPo) went on the line -- no GJ extension, everything will definitely be over by Friday. You're on the line now, Jim. With so much activity still going on, it's really remarkable of you to stick your neck out like that. We'll all see how good your crystal ball is.

5. For TraitorGate: The Movie, Atrios was the first one to suggest Harriet Sansom Harris for Judy Miller (above). Agreed. And Philip Seymour Hoffman as anyone.