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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Judy's On the Stand

Judy Miller, NY Times reporter and now testimonial pro, testifies again today before the Special Grand Jury looking into the Traitorgate mess. Updates as we get them.

Meanwhile, what to do with your time?

Maureen Dowd has an excellent and snarky op-ed on the Miers mash-note nomination. Unfortunately, it's up behind the pay-to-play NY Times firewall, so no link. Suffice it to say that reality and snark are curiously blurring after the release of more than two thousand documents from the State of Texas. I can't help but think of yearbook day in junior high, but I suppose she was just being polite and sweet and shouldn't have her entire intellect judged by her choice of Hallmark card sentiments. Trying to wait for the hearings, but it is getting increasingly difficult when real life imitates snarky blog language.

A great review posted on Talk Left of WHIG bits that tie in with the WSJ article that has everyone buzzing. Kudos on this -- good resource material and analytial bits here.

Billmon has a don't miss history of interactions with Andy Card. B-Team indeed.

That should keep you busy for starters, anyway.

UPDATE: Courtesy of Josh Marshall at Talking Points Memo, I couldn't resist posting this one. Need a job? Can you forget about the little guy and only serve your friends and political cronies? Boy, have I found the website for you:

UPDATE #2: Judy had a second source. Waas was right on in his article. More as I digest the news. Holy crap. Bolton, Rove, Fleitz, Cheney or door number five?

UPDATE #3: Thank goodness Dan Froomkin is back from his vacation.