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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Kobepallooza II

Last night saw the quarterly gathering of the LA Bloggers in Kobepallooza II at the lovely Laurel Canyon home of Brian Linse of Ain't No Bad Dude. In attendance were Mark Kleiman, Elton from Busy Busy Busy, Skippy, Kevin Drum, Arianna Huffington, Mickey Kaus, John from Crooks & Liars, Johnny Wendell from Air America, Cookie Jill, Leah from Corrente, David E., Steve Audio, RJ Eskow, The Disgruntled Chemist, Rob from Dirty Liberal Words, Some Watery Tart, and my old friend from the San Francisco punk rock days, Howie Klein (who is now blogging at Down With Tyranny). (If I forgot anyone don't suffer in silence, remind me and I'll put you up.) Brian also invited a bunch of wingers and libertarians he knew from being in the blog world for many many years, but since I didn't really talk with any of them I wasn't sure who they were exactly. (Nothing personal, just spent my time catching up with the people I knew).

Kobe actually got to go to this event, and was remarkably well-behaved in spite of the fact that he is an outrageously spoiled little guy (seen here flirting with Cookie Jill & Leah). When I spoke with Brian today he said only half the wine he usually goes through for a party of that size was consumed, which he attributed to the fact that most of the wingnuts he invited did not show up.

I guess it just goes to show who's leaning heavily on the booze these days.