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Friday, October 14, 2005

Law and Order Party? Not So Much.

Tom Delay has some moronic friends. Take a peek at this video of an ad that has graciously been posted on the fabulous Crooks and Liars. (What would we do without you, C&L? You rock!)

What is this, the "you're being a jerk, so we'll be a jerk, too," defense? Wow, doesn't look like you are trying to influence the jury at all with this one, now does it? The "taint the jury pool before we even get to pick one" strategy can backfire, you know.

What ever happened to fighting things out based on the merits of the case? Oh, right. You're trying to defend Tom Delay against corruption, influence peddling and conspiracy charges. Guess personal attacks are all you have in the arsenal.

Note to The Free Enterprise Fund: most states have laws on the books that allow prosecution for attempts to interfere with public officials trying to do their jobs. Might want to check Texas law on that, I'm just sayin'.

UPDATE: He just can't help himself, can he? Seems Delay is using his campaign and donor mailing lists to send out "information" on Ronnie Earle, start a letter writing campaign to newspapers from his "supporters," and raise some funds for his legal defense fund, all at the same time. What a.....surprise. Ahem.