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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Mwahaha! This Is Your Strategery?!?!?

This is the best you could do, Karl? Jeff Gannon/Guckart/Gucky/whatever is one of the people trusted to take a peek at the State Department top secret memorandum? You know, the one that was marked "Secret" in clear letters? That was a violation of the SF 312 to disseminate to anyone without proper clearance? The memo that is still classified?

Gucky -- Of the faux Marine status on his resume? The male escort website escapades? The puffed up news credentials that got him seated as the White House ringer in the press room? (Hat tip to the fabulous David E. for bringing this article to my attention.)

THIS is your last line of defense? Oh man, you are SO screwed!
An analysis piece in today's Salon revisits Gannon's slip of the tongue to Ambassador Wilson during an interview -- the one where Gannon asked him the following question, as posted by Talon News on its own website (later removed) on October 28th, 2003:

"An internal government memo prepared by U.S. intelligence personnel details a meeting in early 2002 where your wife, a member of the agency for clandestine service working on Iraqi weapons issues, suggested that you could be sent to investigate the reports. Do you dispute that?"

I mean, not to jump on him or anything, but Gannon is one of the people on whom the WHIG crowd is depending for their secrets to stay...well...secret? (And for a delightful overview of the whole Gannon fiasco, take a peek at the lovely Jane's summary here.) Seems that may not be working so well.

According to Joe Conason in Salon, Gannon told reporters last February that FBI agents working with Fitzgerald had spoken with him about how he learned of the State Department memo. His story? He says he read about it in the Wall Street Journal. Ummm...yeah...and Judy's dog ate her notes. Oh, wait...

UPDATE: Now this is something to make a detail oriented gal such as myself weak in the knees. Eriposte at the Left Coaster is my hero -- there is nothing better than actual facts to stop spin dead in its tracks and make it run whimpering into the nearest dust bunny corner. (No, might be there.)

You must take a look at this: according to The Left Coaster, Gannon interviewed Amb. Wilson in September of 2003 -- a full month prior to the article regarding the INR appearing in the WSJ. Oops. Guess he and Fitz may have something to talk about after all. (If they haven't already -- whether or not Gannon has been before the Grand Jury is pretty much an unknown at this point, since he caught a case of the clams after bragging to media outlets that the FBI had spoken with him last February.)

Or perhaps Mr. Gannon has a stockpile of soap on a rope, just in case. Maybe he can share with Karl and Scooter.

UPDATE: Great alternate theory on the whole Gucky mess here. So Gannon/Guckart was either a partisan hack or a plagiarizing hack? Ooooh, can I pick which one? Ummm....both. (Big hat tip to the Left Coaster for the link.)