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Monday, October 17, 2005

Mystery Solved

There is a USA Today bio piece out today on I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby today. It's an interesting piece, full of quotes from people who have known Libby since his Phillips Academy days, through his time at Yale and onward. Apperently, Scooter played soccer in college and likes to play pranks. Wonder if outing a CIA NOC was one of his all time best?

From the USA Today article:

Allen Carney, another Yale classmate who is a business executive in Bedford, Mass., also is puzzled by his old friend's current political views. "It's just very hard to conceive of him as being this power broker for the force of darkness," Carney says with a chuckle. "It does seem out of character, to be honest with you."
But even more interesting is the fact that the reporters got Doug Feith and Mary Matalin on record to talk about Scooter Boy in glowing terms. About his stellar intellect, and immense depth on historical and cultural issues. And how he is Cheney's alter-ego when it comes to creative thinking.
Libby has impressed associates with his dedication and restraint. "He doesn't talk an enormous amount, but when he says something, people generally recognize it as a serious contribution," Feith says. Matalin says Cheney trusts Libby completely and relies on his "breadth and depth of knowledge ... in combination with his superior legal skills."
Oops...maybe not so much with those superior legal skills...pesky Espionage Act and all. Ooops.

And the mystery is solved. "I" stands for Irv, according to USA Today. I know I feel better.