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Monday, October 31, 2005

Ride 'Em, Scooter

. According to ABC News online, Matt Cooper today on GMA said that Libby confirmed to him that Valerie Plame was "a covert CIA operative." Anyone keeping an IIPA score for Scooter? Cooper also says that he first heard about Wilson's wife from Rove. "Before I spoke to Karl Rove I didn't know Mr. Wilson had a wife and that she had been involved in sending him to Africa."

(note: as Swopa noted in the comments, this seems to contradict what Cooper said in Time Magzine this weekend. I tried to call GMA and some chick named Sarah who wouldn't give her last name hung up on me when I asked quite nicely if they could confirm the story. If anyone knows someone at GMA let me know, it's a bit too important to let some PMSing receptionist be the end of it.)

. Evan Thomas at Newsweek is sniffin' Scooter's panties with a love sonnet that claims "he was on a mission to protect the country from harm."

"A man with such a heroic, romantic sense of his boss and his own role in history is bound to take some chances," says Thomas, who goes on to refer to Patrick Fitzgerald as "son of a doorman and scourge of the powerful, a modern-day Inspector Javert." Really, how DARE he of such low birth challenge A Great Man Like Scooter. Wow, Newsweek's bid to beat out Fox News as the Great Water Buffalo of TraitorGate is right on track.

. Last night on Hardball:
KATE O'BEIRNE: Maybe Joe Wilson was so insignificant to him, they had bigger problems than Joe Wilson with the CIA...Maybe Joe Wilson, even though he himself thinks the whole White House revolved around him, was such a small piece of their problem with the CIA that it is something Scooter Libby...

MATTHEWS: OK.  Let me say something.

O‘BEIRNE:  ...didn'‘t pay all...


MATTHEWS:  ...they were...—I can tell you, by being on this program every night all those weeks, they were obsessed with Joe Wilson, they were obsessed, complaining relentlessly about anybody that even put him on the air..."
Can we put that particular canard to bed now? Well, probably not. But a girl can dream.

(thanks to reader GR)