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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Round Up Time

Some great summaries by everyone trying to get their ducks in order in anticipation of indictments.

Ex-CIA agent Larry Johnson has one over at TPM Cafe. He makes the very valid and critical point which underscores the need for what we're all doing here:
Whether there is or is not an indictment, the Republican spin machine will be out in force spreading lies and it is critical that the citizens of this country have clear facts to judge the truth of the matter
And for the true fan, emptywheel has the most exhaustive spy vs. spy redux of the whole affair you are likely to read. Favorite moment:
There were, however, three events which might be related. First, on October 18 Karl Rove pulled a silly stunt on the campaign trail, laying down under the wheels of Air Force One. He had testified a few days earlier (October 15) in front of the Grand Jury. According to Murray Waas, Rove told the Grand Jury information that we now know to be false.


Then, in a move that largely stupefied observers, Karl Rove got a promotion to Deputy Chief of Staff in February. It wasn't clear why he was getting a promotion. As Dan Froomkin observed, the promotion doesn'’t earn Karl any extra money. It got him a new office, but Karl has always seemed like a man whose office says little about his stature anyway. I have wondered but so far have had no one answer my question —whether this move might provide Karl more Executive Privilege once he gets his indictments.

(my emphasis)
Okay everybody take a deep breath, sit back, pour yourself some herbal tea and take some time to brush up on your TraitorGate facts. You'll be able to impress everyone you know with your trenchant observations and deep insights when indictments come down.

We will try to provide a steady supply of witty asides you can feel free to use as your own.

Update: Just got off the phone with Spanish journalist Ernesto Ekaizer from Spain's leading newspaper El Pais. I guess there is a lot of interest in TraitorGate amongst Europeans who are also watching with bated breath. Welcome to our European readers, feel free to have a look around the place and make yourselves at home.